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Medical malpractice involves medical mistakes by a health care provider, whether it is a doctor, hospital, nurse, dentist, medical/dental office or staff. When these professionals make a mistake that causes injury to a patient, this is what is commonly known as medical malpractice. This is exactly the time to contact an experienced Miami medical malpractice attorney.

Most common medical malpractice examples

  • Delay in diagnosis 

A delayed diagnosis malpractice is where a patient didn’t receive treatment on time and as a result his health condition got worse. When this happens the doctors and hospital are responsible in cases where the delay caused the patient permanent injuries or damage or is severe cases even death.

  • Medication error malpractice

It has been estimated that half of all hospitalizations result in a medication error. Medication errors frequently result in tragedy. For example, if a patient is given two medications that are not supposed to be given together, it can cause serious injuries.

Another example is if a patient is given too much of a commonly administered medication which can sometimes lead to severe bleeding.

  • Misdiagnosis medical malpractice 

This is one of the most popular examples of medical malpractice. When a patient visits the doctor the first thing that usually happens is that the doctor gives him a diagnosis of his condition. If for some reason the doctor gives an incorrect diagnosis or even just an improper one, the continued treatment could be wrong for the patient and in some cases can even cause real damage.

As you can see, the first step of the diagnosis is very important and a doctor who misdiagnose can be held responsible if any damage occurs to the patient as a result of misdiagnosis by his part.

If you have been misdiagnosed by a doctor in Miami and had damage as a result, be sure to get in touch with a Miami medical malpractice attorney.

  • Lack of staff

You might find this surprising, but many hospitals are severely under staffed. They work without enough medical staff in each shift that is required and the number of people being checked in is a lot of times much more than what they can really handle.

This leads to a situation where every staffer has too much responsibilities and not enough time to handle them all in a proper way, this leads to mistakes. When mistakes happen in a hospital the patients suffer and usually this will lead to a medical malpractice case being filled against the hospital.

  • Surgical errors 

Usually, the last thing you want is to have to go under the knife. Having surgery is a complicated procedure, and if you can avoid it by getting treatment in other forms like medicine or alternative ways, you would probably do that.

In the US and Miami, it’s quite common that surgical mistakes happen, and this too is considered a medical malpractice.

When errors like these happen they can cause serious damage and health problems like internal organ damage, infections and even cause death.

  • Problems during anesthesia administration  

Another form of medical malpractice is where problems occur during the anesthesia process before surgery. Anesthesia should always be admitted by a medical professional. There is an entire field in the medical world dedicated to this area and the person who is responsible for admitting it to patients is called an anesthesiologist.

The anesthesiologist will examine the patient medical history before starting the process, he will also take note and look at any medication and any allergies that the patient may have. There are many thing the anesthesiologist must do before admitting the patient with a combination of drugs that will put him under for the duration of the operation.

This person is also responsible to monitor the effects of the drugs given, if anything goes wrong during this whole event, in many cases will lead to a medical malpractice issue.

  • Unnecessary surgery medical malpractice 

Yet another common cause of medical mistakes is  unneeded operations. When a doctor misdiagnose his patient and orders an operation when it is not really needed, this is a clear cut case of malpractice. Why? Because any surgery is a traumatic experience to the body and to your mental state.

There are many types of misdiagnosed surgery requests that end up being totally unnecessary and the patient pays a high price for the negligence of his doctor.

  • Lack of proper supervision

When you’re in a hospital or a clinic you are giving away your health and safety to those in charge. As a patient who most likely does not understand much about medicine, at least not like your doctor, so these places are expected to follow strict rules and regulations to keep you safe.

When someone drops the ball, or a workflow or system falls out of place and people get hurt, it is an obvious sign of negligence or malpractice.

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